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Foundation Diet 

If you want to make some general improvements to your diet this is an excellent place to start. It's centred around balancing your blood sugar and focussing on nutritious foods. 

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Food & Symptoms Diary 

Tracking your food, drink and symptoms including your sleep quality can reveal some surprising correlations and may reveal triggers. Removing them can help you manage symptoms quickly and easily whilst you work on healing the causes. 

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One diet or lifestyle tip for each month of the year. Try letting them accumulate and see how your health improves. Let me know how you get on! 


Arginine, an amino acid, is essential in the early replication of viruses, including HSV (herpes) and the common cold.* Lysine, another amino acid, has an antiviral mechanism due to its blocking action of arginine.^ Choosing balanced foods or those higher in lysine than arginine may be a useful preventative antiviral measure.

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Tracking your progress by either printing this out or using PDF software can be a really simple tool to help with compliance. Seeing a long list of ticks can stop you from adding a cross which may scupper your hard work. 

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Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire 

You may have opted to fill out this HLQ form. It's comprehensive but the more information you give me the better. Expect this to take twenty minutes or so to complete. Symptoms already ticked will automatically complete later in the form so you don't have to repeat yourself. 

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