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Nutritional therapy consultations to help you manage your health problems




  • 3 months of as much help and support as you need (daily for some) to make huge strides into your health and wellbeing—see the story below. 

  • I help you navigate the maze of issues that crop up when undertaking a therapeutic diet.

  • My support takes all the uncertainty away.

  • Learn how to manage your autoimmune condition with changes to your diet & lifestyle.

  • Drop me a line to find out more. 

  • Only for those with the will to help themselves.  

A close support story

Meet James (pseudonym)

James was constantly dizzy, depressed, foggy and exhausted.


He found my website from an article I wrote about Meniere's disease. Experimenting with the Find Your Triggers diet he was unsure and not quite getting it right. He got in touch and signed up for the Close Support 3-month package. He was absolutely committed to change. 

Within a week his dizziness stopped.


Generally the first week is the toughest. We communicated daily, multiple times if needed, so he was assured things were on the right track. Over the next few weeks we worked very closely together to overcome some of the obstacles that arose. He tracked his meals by sending photos over to me in real-time. We discovered a trigger that had been causing constipation, removing it solved that problem. 


His brain fog lifted.


He was no long depressed or physically exhausted and other symptoms began falling away. His skin glowed. 


As the time went by we communicated less and less frequently. This is a positive trajectory—people commit to feel better not to spend hours on the phone with me. Over the 3-months we went through a few protocols to clear up his gut issues which removed his symptoms. 

He is now well on his way back to being a normal, healthy and happy human being. He can enjoy life and dedicate his precious energy to those people and things that he loves. Don't let chronic disease ruin your life.


Get in touch. 


Stock image for illustration only. 

Couple in Nature


David D — Meniere's disease 

A friend kindly put me in touch with Tim with the thought that he might be able to help with the Meniere's disease that had plagued me for the past two and a half years. How right he was. Within a week Tim had designed a program specifically tailored to my situation, and within a fortnight of following that program my life had literally been transformed. No more disabling attacks, either big or small and no low level disorientation. Everything has been achieved with diet and moderate exercise changes alone. If you also suffer with this disease I would strongly recommend trying Tim's approach, you just might find it changes your life too!

- 2024 PRICE -



Pick My Brain

A one-hour consultation over the phone. By the end of the call, you'll have a plan to follow which I'll email after the call. 


Single Session

More formal than a Pick my brain session, extending beyond an hour if needs be and including a full programme and reasonable post-session support.



Three single sessions with a £75 bundle discount. Reasonable support between sessions. One year expiry.


Contact me

Drop me a line with any questions you have, and I'll get back to you asap.

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