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I'm a registered nutritionist helping people manage their chronic disease by making changes to their diet and lifestyle.


Ruth O — Long covid / pain  

Before I started to work with Tim I felt very lost at sea and in the dark about how I could help myself to recover. I have suffered with long - covid for two years and there seemed to be no help in western medicine for me anywhere. Tim has helped me gain a new perspective on health, food and looking after myself. He works holistically, matching your healing process to your lifestyle. He is always there at the end of the phone when I have queries or questions. Thanks to my work with Tim, I have found a way of managing long-term illness. I have strategies for managing pain, I know what to eat to feel better, I understand what my triggers are, I know which supplements to take and I know what needs prioritising in order for me to feel like myself again. Thank you Tim!


WITH ECZEMA, ASTHMA AND ALLERGIES AS A KID, I had never had perfect health. But as a teenager, I learnt that even seemingly unrelated health issues would improve the fitter I became. In my twenties, I learnt that my asthma, allergies and eczema could be managed well by removing certain foods that were acting as inflammatory triggers. In my thirties, I learnt that a poor environment can categorically destroy one's health. And in my forties, I'm learning to heal chronic diseases using specific and powerful diet and lifestyle changes...

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